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The history of the museum...

  The Fire Museum is housed in the Old RAF Fire School building within the boundary of the Ministry of Defence Fire Service Central Training Establishment at Manston.

Flt Sgt Steve Shirley

Flt Sgt Steve Shirley, MBE

   The owner and founder of the Museum is Sgt Steve Shirley, who was an instructor on the staff of the CTE and the roots of the present museum go back some twenty years when he obtained his first model fire engine.


  He started collecting fire related items as a hobby and the collection now runs into manyMk 8 Sign thousands of individual items. For instance, on a visit to Holland some years ago, he acquired several helmets from a Dutch Firefighter and things being as they are, it eventually led to the superb display of over 150 helmets from all over the world which form a large part of the Museum display of today.

  The collection continued to grow and on his posting to the CTE, it became obvious to everyone that a permanent home for the collection was a priority and it was agreed that it should be Picture of a Dennis from the Frontdisplayed in the current building as a tribute to the firefighting Services from around the world. It was officially opened as the Ministry of Defence Fire Museum in June 1995 and it was renamed the Manston Fire Museum in November 1998.

  The collection consists of many photographs and posters on display alongside models, badges, patches, uniforms, helmets, prints, extinguishers and, of course, really serious fire fighting equipment, both military and civilian ranging from 1868 to theHydrant Display present day.

    During your visit to the Fire Museum, the sights and sounds of today's airfield firefighters under training are never far away and as a bonus, weekday visitors may catch sight of some of today's most modern airfield firefighting vehicles being put through their paces.


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